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One: My computer is broken so I won't be active for a long time, so
Two: Dealing with a lot of personal bullcrap so I don't want to be on here
Three: I'm sick of dA anyway so

Today at 4:45 Everleigh Grace Walsh was born. She is my second cousin and she is beautiful
Noelle Morrow
Columbus, Ohio; Blue Sector
October 26th, 2099

       Four days had passed, it was such a difficult concept to grasp. Four days ago, life was normal, nothing was amiss. Four days ago Noelle wished for something different she got her wish, but not how she wanted it to. Suddenly, fifty years of peace had vanished and things were changing fast. The news was longer and pretty much different every night discussing the war and possible outcomes. Noelle was sure that the news was now only being broadcasted in the “Eastern” states. That was another thing that was bizarre, there used to be just one country. All states were America and now it was the East and Western states.
       Noelle was scared; unsure of what this war would bring, what it would do to her family and the country. Her parents seemed surprisingly calm, despite her mother being in somewhat of a fret about the baby. Noelle’s baby brother would be born in any of the following weeks during the war and then her mother would probably be put to work. Her father on the other hand seemed relaxed, he hardly showed any distress about the situation and only seemed to be in deep thought since the entire thing happened.
       That night Noelle and her parents tuned into the news, she sat on the floor clutching The Book Thief to her chest. She wasn’t sure why but it somehow calmed her, she liked feeling the novel close to her as the newscast began.
       “Tonight’s newscast will be welcomed by the presence of our glorious President to address a few things about the upcoming war.” The woman in charge of reading the news said. “Please give your full attention to your televisions as this information is important.”
       Noelle was somewhat surprised, the President never came onto the news, but under the circumstances she assumed it was probably reasonable, but she wondered what he would say. The President soon appeared on the screen, he was a middle aged man with aging black hair and gray-blue eyes, he was sitting in what Noelle guessed what his office in the capital, Emmerson City.
       “Citizens of the East, I am appearing here tonight to fill you in and make some demands upon California’s Governor declaring war. First of all, all men eighteen and over will be required to fight or make some sort of contribution towards the war.”
       Noelle’s heart dropped, she glanced an almost teary eyed at her father whose eyes were glued to the television, her mother was gripping his arm clearly fighting tears as well.
       “Teenage and young boys will be trained in the art of war, and woman and teenage and children girls will also be contributing to this war in some way. Now, for the second order of business. All Western born citizens will be required to return to the Western states within seventy-two hours or will be removed by forced.”
       That provoked a small gasp from Noelle, Western born citizens were being forced to leave? That seemed a bit of an overreaction. The East was much more populated than the West but still, Noelle didn’t understand this ruling.
       “Finally, the last order of business.” President Emmerson said. “We will need all the resources we need, so for the next three days Government officials will be coming to each house and and collecting certain items. These types of items will include: metal materials, such as jewelry and others, and any paper items a household should have, such as books, notebooks, or any other forms of paper.”
       That final remark made Noelle’s heart jump and clutch The Book Thief even tighter than before, almost to where it hurt her wrists. She had to give away her books? The one things she treasured more than anything aside from her family. The thought made her sick to her stomach.
       “I trust that you will all obey these orders. This has been your President speaking, the news will carry on as usual after I sign off. Long live the Peace, the Justice, and the Country.” With that the President vanished and the newscast continued but Noelle didn’t want to watch anymore, she couldn’t hold back her feelings anymore, she jumped to her feet and looked at her parents.
       “Are they really going to do all this?” She demanded as tears began to escape, her whole world was getting turned upside down.
       “Noelle, sweetie calm down.” Her father said, standing from the couch as well, he placed his hand on her shoulder as he always did when she needed comforting. “Noelle, we need to talk. Let’s go up to your room.”
       As much as she didn’t want to, as much as she wanted to cry and scream about what was happening she took the mature way and followed him up to her room where they sat on her bed.
       “I know all of this is a lot to take in, and I’m sure it seems unfair.” Her father began speaking, his tone was quiet and comforting but his words were upsetting. “But, this has been a long time coming.”
       Noelle looked at her father in surprise. “A long time coming?” She repeated. “What do you mean?”
       “Things have been tense between the President and Governor Conelle for a while now, a war was inevitable we were just wondering when it was going to happen. I have a close friend in the West who has been telling me these things.”
       Noelle remembered the conversation between her parents she heard the night of the military attack, were they talking about the war?
       “He also told me that the Governor would be setting up a program for women and children to be able to escape to the West and live peacefully, away from the war.” He explained, Noelle noticed that his voice cracked very slightly.
       “Are we going to leave?” Noelle asked, praying that the answer would be yes and they could escape the war.
       “Not we, Noelle. You.” Noelle’s heart sank, that’s not the yes she wanted to hear.
“I have to go alone?” She asked, tears forming more rapidly in her blue eyes. “What about mom? Won’t she be coming?”
       Noelle’s father shook his head. “No, the baby will be coming any time now and we will more than likely be moving to Emmerson City where the hospitals are better for her and the baby.”
       Noelle couldn’t fight her tears anymore, she sprung to her feet for the second time and faced her father. “It’s not fair!” She cried. “How can over fifty years of peace be thrown out the window like this? It doesn’t make any sense!” Tears rolled down Noelle’s cheeks and onto her blue carpet, she didn’t even try to hold them back anymore. “We didn’t do anything to deserve this and now I have to leave somewhere I’ve never been alone! I want to stay!”
       Noelle could see her father’s hard shell deteriorating , his eyes faltered as his daughter yelled. “Noelle, I’m so sorry but you can’t stay here. I don’t want you involved with this war in any way, it puts you in a risk that I can’t handle to bear.” He stood up, placing his hands on both her shoulders. “You are a smart, wonderful girl and you will make it better in the West than you can here in the East, I promise that everything will be okay. the war will end and we will all be reunited.”
       “But dad…” Noelle’s voice shook with pain and sadness. “What if this war is like The Final War and it goes on for over twenty years...what if…” Noelle’s voice failed as she started saying this next sentence. “What if you get killed?” Her voice was a hushed whisper, never before was death an actual fear to have, now it was very real.
       “I won’t Noelle, I promise that we will see each other again. I swear from the bottom of my heart. You are my are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I would not let you go without a fight.”
       Noelle fell against her father, crying as if she were a small child but she didn’t care. Her world was being thrown for a loop and there was nothing she could do to stop it.
       “I promise Noelle, everything will be just fine…”

October 27th, 2099

       The next day, as promised by President Emmerson, military officials came by to collect items, Noelle saw them down the street and began to panic. Could she really let them take away her books? All of them? Noelle refused, so she hurried up to her room and opened her safe where she pulled out The Book Thief they would not be taking this book from her. She walked over to her dresser, she pulled it away from the wall and made just enough room for her book to slide down between the wall and dresser, she pushed the dresser back in place and held The Book Thief in place, couldn’t even tell it was there. On any other day Noelle would have laughed at the fact that the book she was hiding was The Book Thief but she didn’t feel like laughing at irony right now.
       The officers reached Noelle’s house and took all the jewelry, metals, and Noelle’s books from their house, to be used for what Noelle could only guess at. She said a sorrowful farewell to her books but as the officers left she let out a sigh of relief that they hadn’t gotten all her books. That happened in the middle of the day, so she still had hours left to do whatever she wanted to do. She didn’t do her schoolwork since they hadn’t been sent anything new. She could go outside, but she honestly didn’t feel like it. Instead, Noelle sat on her windowsill and watched the leaves again, only without her book which was hidden safely.
       She was trying to force down the reality of all that was happening, and how fast it was. She was moving almost across the country, all the way to Sacramento California to a completely new house on her own. She wasn’t supposed to live on her own for quite a few years to come, and she wasn’t ready for it in anyway. Noelle closed her eyes, wishing to be anywhere else. She knew what she wanted, she wanted this war to not happen and to stay safely with her parents and books, but unfortunately she didn’t get what she want, and when it came to her current situation, she didn’t even have a choice in what she wanted to do.

Vincent Emmerson
Emmerson City, Vermont, Capital Mansion
October 27th, 2099

       Vincent had always had an easy life, he was rich, respective and even attractive according to some people. Not to mention his father led the country. Despite all this, Vincent hated his this life and he hated his father. He knew it was better than was most people had, especially in the poorer states, such as Louisiana, but he would rather live there than under the rule of his father. Misty Conelle was right, he was a tyrant.
       Everyone knew this war was coming, Vincent was close to a lot of Government officers and they were all bracing themselves. Vincent’s father didn’t believe it though, he constantly told everyone that everything was fine and perfect, but clearly...they were not.
       Vincent wondered how long it would take before the actual fighting started. When it did though, whether tomorrow or in three weeks, Vincent wouldn’t be in the East. He would be free in the West, free from his father and this ridiculous life.
       Vincent was in his room, on his bed lay clothes and a few other supplies that he might need. There was a black backpack that he was filling with said supplies. He placed two water bottles into it, a small pocket knife and forced a couple outfits of clothes into the bag. He had signed up for the refugee program in the West and would be living their under an alias. He was leaving tonight.
       His father was at a meeting, his mother passed two years ago, a rare occurrence but not impossible and most of the guards would be at the meeting as well, but there were still a handful of them here at the mansion. The only people in the big house were those guards, the housekeepers, Vincent and his younger brother Seth.
       Vincent considered taking fourteen year-old Seth with him, but he never would have agreed to go and would have told their father. It would be best for Vincent to go alone. Vincent cared for Seth very much and hated to leave him with the war and their father but Seth was only a kid, he didn’t quite understand the same things Vincent did yet.
       With the backpack on his shoulders, Vincent left his room. He considered writing Seth a note but thought better of it, no one in the East could know where he left to. His father would send someone after him before he could even reach Sacramento.
       Vincent had to carefully navigate his way through the mansion to not be caught by any of the guards or housekeepers throughout the mansion, he couldn’t let himself be caught by them or he would be stuck here forever and he didn’t want that to happen.
       He made his way to the third floor, there was a window that led to the backyard and was a safe enough drop to avoid injury and he wouldn’t be seen. He walked quietly down the halls, slinking past three guards in the process.
       The window was large, strips of brass segregated the glass into squares. He flipped the latch and pushed the window open, a cool breeze rustled his black hair. Vincent wasn’t a military prodigy, but he trained about twice a week and was in good shape. Below him was a large hedge, it would shelter his fall but he might be cut up by thorns in the process. Luckily, he was wearing a jacket made of thick leather.
       Vincent placed his hands on the edge of the window and heaved himself up and over. The fall as quicker than expected, he hit the hedge and was surrounded by leaves, thorns and branches. Thorns dug into him, though it only really hurt as they dug into his face and hands. Fighting his way out of the hedge without making a ton of noise was the hard part. Leaves and sticks fell into his shirt and he caught on branches several time before he finally stumbled out.
       The backyard was large, a crystal blue swimming pool was in the center and other recreational items surrounded it. Vincent crossed the backyard no problem, a large stone was surround the mansion but it was easy to climb using the vines that scaled it.
       Once over the wall, Vincent had to make it to the road and then to the train station. The entire process took more than an hour and he was exhausted by the time he got there. He pulled a red hat, not wanting to risk the chance of someone recognizing him.
       At the train station there were many long lines of people, all waiting to go to their homes in the West, some old and some new. Vincent melted into the crowd, he looked no different than anyone else there. When he approached the train operator he handed them his ticket no questions asked and boarded the train. He was seated next to a teenage boy about Seth’s age.
       “Where you off to?” He asked Vincent.
“Sacramento.” Vincent replied, not looking back.
       “Cool, I’m going to Portland.”
Vincent nodded at his response , he didn’t want to converse with the boy, he just wanted the train to start moving. Soon enough, the train took off. It was about a three hour train ride to Sacramento, and despite everything, Vincent took a nap.
The End of Peace -Chapter Two-
Chapter Two of my original Dystopian story, The End of Peace
The first four chapters are introductions to the four main characters, this one introducing Vincent.

Major Characters Introduced
Vincent Emmerson
Seth Emmerson (in part)
The End of Peace and it's characters belong to me, do not use without permission
The Book Thief belongs to Markus Zusak
 Noelle Morrow
October 21st, 2099
Blue Sector, Columbus, Ohio; United Federation of America

               Leaves of brown and gold rolled down the street, Noelle smiled out the window at the sight, it was so pleasant to see. She could almost feel the cool autumn breeze on her skin and in her dark brown hair. Noelle closed her blue eyes, imagining herself in the park not too far from her house, laying in the autumn chilled grass and relaxing. However, this fantasy would stay as it was; a fantasy. Curfew for people between the ages of ten and fifteen was six o’clock.
               In a few months, Noelle would be able to stay out until nine and enjoy the beautiful outside world for longer than the hour or two she had between studying and curfew. From six in the morning to four in the afternoon Noelle was studying her tablets full of school work and only had two hours to enjoy this wonderful season.
               Noelle stood up from the window sill she looked from, clutching a book in her arms, and went over to her carefully made bed. She glanced at the digital clock on her bedside table, it’s blue numbers flashed 6:57, dinner would be ready in three minutes. She let out a minor sigh and sat on her bed, draped with blue sheets and comforter.
               The book she held in her hands was her favorite, it had almost been a year since she got this book for her fifteenth birthday from her father. It was her favorite for many reasons, it was extremely interesting, the plot captivated her in every way. Also, it was interesting because of how old it was. The book was published in 2005, ninety-four years ago, but the story took place even longer ago than that, one hundred and sixty to be exact.
               Noelle ran her fingers over the title of the weathered book, it read The Book Thief . The plot intrigued her because it was about a topic so unfamiliar to her. The Book Theif was about war, a World War to be exact. The last war that America fought in was in 2047, over fifty years ago. Everything was peaceful, no crime, no anything. It was a happy society. Noelle didn’t want a war of course, but she liked losing herself in the world of books. Noelle owned a total of five books including The Book Theif but none of them were like it. Out of the others there were three fictions and two non-fictions. Nevertheless, she enjoyed them all.
               Books were a rarity in America these days, but not expensive. Everything was on tablets and computers. Noelle owned plenty of books on her own personal tablet, but there was something about the feeling of parchment on her fingers, the sound of a page turning or the smell of an aged book that a tablet just couldn’t provide. Plus, the Government banned any books having to do with war so The Book Thief was Noelle’s little secret.
               Noelle stood up from her bed, locking her novel away in the silver safe she kept under her bed and locked it up before heading downstairs for dinner. In each state, the different neighborhoods were separated by sectors. Each state was different in what it did, for Ohio it was colors. The Morrow family lived in the Blue Sector of Columbus. Everything was a different shade of blue. Walls were a dark navy blue and the floors a gentle powder blue. Furniture such as couches were royal blue, bed sheets were baby blue and the blankets were a pretty cerulean blue. Even the clothes her family had to wear were all blue. For example, Noelle wore a baby blue blouse and long indigo skirt that went to her ankles. Despite the restrictions Noelle enjoyed the color blue, it was better than living in say the brown sector or gray.
               Downstairs was the pleasant smell of stew, another thing Noelle loved about autumn was the beginning of warm foods, soup, stew, apple cider and tea, which were all some of her favorites. The living room was empty and in the kitchen her father sat at the table reading his tablet which Noelle assumed was the news and her mother stood at the stove cooking their dinner.
               Noelle’s father was a tall, sturdy man with dusty brown hair. His skin was tough and leathered from years of working in the factories, despite his hard working demeanor he was a kind mind, his mouth was wrinkled with smile lines and his green-gray eyes were always happy. Noelle’s mother was a short, stout woman with the same hair and eyes as Noelle. She normally wore her hair pulled back in a straight pony tail. She made a living off cleaning houses and the neighborhood on occasion. She loved both cooking and cleaning, it was obvious by the cheerful tune she hummed while performing both tasks.
               The most notable feature about Noelle’s mother was her stomach, which pressed lightly against the stove sheltering the baby inside. They learned not too long ago that she would be having a boy. Noelle was beyond excited for her new baby brother and it was only weeks away, the thought made her tremble with excitement.
               When Noelle entered the kitchen she received a soft greeting from her father and a wave from her mother, she sat down on in one of the three blue wooden chairs at the table. After a few moments her mom began serving dinner, a rich beef stew with fresh biscuits. The scent was heavenly and the taste even better. As the Morrow family began eating their dinner, the conversations began.
               “So, learn anything interesting today Noelle?” Her father asked, he had set his tablet down and was now focused on his food.
               “Nothing in particular, the same stuff pretty much.” Noelle replied as she took a bite from her biscuit. “I wish we could learn about other stuff other than America today and before The Final War.” She admitted.
               “There wasn’t a lot before The Final War worth talking about.” Her mother said. “That War did last almost twenty years before it ended; it was then that America decided it should indeed be The Final War. Everything before that is not necessarily important anymore.”
               “But why not?” Noelle questioned. “Why does nothing before The Final War matter? Why don’t we learn about what led up to the War, or how life was before. I’ve learned from my books but I want to know more.’
               “Noelle, we understand that you want to know about these kind of things but they have no real impact on your life.” Her father explained. “Perhaps when you grow up you can find more books and learn more about what America used to be but for now you shouldn’t question it, we live in a peaceful, safe world, you should be happy.” He reached over and placed his hand firmly on his shoulder in a comforting manner.
               Noelle replied with a light smile. “I am happy, there is just more I want to know.” She said, somewhat glumly.
               Her father smiled his genuine, kind smile. “Someday you will know everything you want to learn, my intelligent, beautiful daughter.”
               Noelle couldn’t help but feel better at her father’s reassurance; he was always a reliable source of help. When she was just a little girl in distress her father would always be there for her and could always make her happy.
               At around 8:45 the Morrow family finished their dinners and after her mother quickly washed their dishes the all went into the living room for the nighttime news as they did every night. Noelle’s parents sat on the couch as the television flipped on and Noelle sat on the floor in front of the couch.
               The newscast began with America’s anthem and basic details about the day, weather, prices, and etcetera. The entire newscast lasted about fifteen minutes on the average day, however when the news would have normally ended they added a breaking news tagline and a female reporter began speaking: “Today near the outskirts of San Antonio a general military squadron was attacked.”
               Noelle felt herself tense somewhat at the news, it was shocking to say the least. An attack? The Government was always saying how violence had died out years ago with The Final War, and this happened.
               “There are no casualties and only minor injuries. The criminals are being tracked and followed and will be caught then put to justice. We are sharing this news with the public because we want to show that even if violence still may live in small areas we are still a forever peaceful country and these acts will not be handled as minor offensives. That is all we have for the newscast tonight, please leave your televisions on for the anthem. Long live the Peace, Justice and President. Goodnight, America.”
               Noelle’s family left the TV on until the screen went blank then turned it on. Televisions were hardly used for anything other than the news or other political means. Every house came with them, no matter the money the family had. Despite what the news had said, the story was still picking at Noelle’s skin. Not only was it an act of violence in the supposed to be “peaceful” country, but it was towards the military. Even though there were no wars, America still had a military, “Just in case” is what Noelle’s father told her.
               “Well, that was certainly an interesting newscast.” Noelle’s father said as he rose from the couch. “But, we could all use a spark of different now and again right?” He gave his usual warm smile.
               Noelle’s mother gave a slight nod then looked towards her daughter. “Why don’t you get ready for bed sweetie?” She suggested, holding her pregnant stomach gently. “It’s almost time for bed.”
               Noelle nodded and rose to her feet, another thing that would change with her upcoming birthday would be she wouldn’t have to go to bed until eleven and not ten, but rules are rules. She climbed the stairs to her room and changed into her sky blue pajamas. After brushing her teeth she sat down on her bed and pulled out The Book Thief she always read a chapter before bed, even if this was her third time reading the book. As she read the book’s pages she always got the same thoughts, it was such a strange concept now a days, no one really thought about it. It just…happened.
               This concept was death. When people reached a certain age it just happened, it was nothing to be scared of because there were no crimes or accidents. However, the book painted death in a very different manner. Death was a person, a living being who helped people who died reach the other side, whatever it was. Noelle had never thought of death as anything but an event such as marriage or giving birth. Now she had given Death a face, in her mind Death was a boy with raven black hair, pale skin and icy blue eyes. She wasn’t sure why she thought of that face when she read The Book Theif she just did.
               After she finished a chapter, Noelle replaced her book back in the safe and was going to head back downstairs. As she went down the stairs she heard a muffled conversation between her parents and only caught parts of it.
               “Are you sure?” He father asked, his tone lined with worry and nervousness. “You’ll be fine?”
               “They will care less about her than me and be less suspicious, trust me.”
“Of course I trust you, my love. It’s her I’m worried about. She’s so young and she asks too many questions.” Noelle knew that they were talking about, they were talking about her. However, she was unsure the actual topic.
               “Don’t worry about her, Leon. Noelle is curious but she’s not stupid, she knows when to keep her mouth shut. If what we think is going to happens then we will not let her go with an empty mind.”
               Noelle was extremely confused, what was going to happen? Where would she be going? The whole thing was a big question mark to her. Her parents’ conversation ended and Noelle continued down the stairs where the greeted her with a smile. “Ready for bed, sweetie?”
               “Yes.” Noelle replied, she decided to not let them know she overheard their conversation she had been thought that eavesdropping, especially on parents, was extremely rude and disrespectful. “Can I have a glass of water before I go?”
               “Of course, dear.” Her mother said and went into the kitchen, returning a few moments later with a blue tinted glass full of cold water. Noelle drank it down quickly, said goodnights to her parents and went up to her room. As the clock struck ten, Noelle flipped off her lights and climbed into bed. As she closed her eyes she couldn’t help but wonder what the future would bring for her, her family and the country.

October 22nd, 2099

               Noelle woke up the next morning at her usual time, seven am and got dressed. Today she wore a pale blue sweater and darker indigo skirt that went to her knees. She went downstairs where her mother was reading from her tablet and resting her hand on her stomach. Noelle’s father already left for work at around five a.m. and wouldn’t be back for twelve hours.
               “Good morning, mother.” Noelle greeted kindly. Her mother returned the soft smile. “Good morning, Noelle. You should get started on your schoolwork. “ She motioned to Noelle’s school tablet on the table, there was a green light flashing on the corner to let her know there were new assignments. Noelle went over to the table and sat down; she unlocked the tablet and got to work.
               As the day went on Noelle went about her schoolwork as normal, reading what she had to for English, studying certain parts of The Final War and today’s Government for American Social Studies, solving problems for Math and learning biology facts from Science. However, the only useful thing she picked up from the days lesson was that based on her family’s genes the new baby boy would be more likely to like Noelle and her mother than her father.
               Finally five o’clock rolled around and as Noelle finished her day’s school work her father walked in the door. Noelle signed out of the tablet’s school program and set her tablet up somewhere safe.
               “Can I go outside?” She asked as soon as she finished, it may only be an hour but it was a wonderful hour.
               “Of course.” Noelle’s father answered, he was smiling but there was something off about his eyes. They were happy, but not as happy as they normally were, something was off but Noelle couldn’t quite name it. So, she just shrugged it off and hurried outside.
               As she opened their dark blue oak door she was greeted with a cool autumn breeze and the scent of the crisp, fallen leaves. Noelle let the fall scene embrace her and she started walking. Noelle had no need for a jacket, even with her bare legs and arms she enjoyed the breeze against her skin, it wasn’t something she got a lot of.
               Noelle made it to the small park in the middle of where the Blue, Green, Yellow and Red Sectors met. Not many people hung out around her, a pre-teens who would just chat. There were only a few older teenagers around, and they were absorbed in tablets. Noelle didn’t understand why they would come outside just to use technology. Being outside was meant to take in the scenery, and enjoy being away from all the technology. Noelle wished someone else would understand.
               She sat down in the grass and leaned against a wide oak tree and closed her eyes. All around Noelle was the sound of nature, she could hear the quiet chirp of birds as well as the rustle of tree leaves in the wind, it was such a pleasant sound. Noelle sat in the one spot for an entire hour, thinking of a variety of different topics. She thought about her upcoming little brother which made her smile but she also thought of the previous night’s newscast and the odd conversation between her parents which didn’t upset her, but made her wonder and somewhat confused. She had no idea what was going on and it wasn’t really a question she wanted to ask.
               After the very peaceful hour, the alarm sounded and the kids who were at the park began heading home. Noelle stepped inside where her mother had already begun preparing dinner. She traveled upstairs and did the usual routine of grabbing The Book Thief and sat on her windowsill. Before she began reading however, she thought for a second about the routine of her life. Everyday was the same, wake up, do school work, spend an hour outside, read for an hour, eat dinner, watch the newscast, read a little bit more, go to bed and repeat. How much longer would it be like this? Things might be a little different after she turned sixteen but not much. It would probably be like this until she moved out and started her own family which probably wouldn’t be for a long time.
               Noelle set her book down and instead of looking outside, she looked at the ceiling. Thoughts flowed through her head, there were so many things she wished she could do that were possible or simply weren’t allowed, so many questions that she couldn’t ask, so many curiosities that had to go unexplored. Noelle wanted more from her life, more than what was expected of her and more than what she lived. She closed her eyes, trying to force the thoughts from her mind but they were stuck there.
               Dinner time rolled around as per usual, tonight it was chicken which Noelle also loved but she was quiet throughout the dinner conversation when asked what was on her mind she simply replied with “Just thinking about school.” She hated lying to her parents but they would also just tell her how dangerous her thoughts were. After dinner time of course came the newscast, as odd as it was, Noelle wanted something different to happen. While the violence was a little scary, it was off the beat and path of what was normal of her nights. It was different.
               The newscast carried on without a hitch, same fifteen minutes of boredom with no actual news to report, not even on the military attacks. Noelle let out a slight sigh but towards the end of the anthem something happened. The screen cut out, not to black but to white. There was a buzzing noise coming from the television for a few moments before a woman popped up on the screen.
               It took Noelle a second to recognize her but it was the Governor of California, Misty Conelle. Noelle remembered her because she was constantly labeled as the boldest Governor of the country. She was famous for her bold views and personality but it didn’t explain what she was doing on the news, especially after the newscast was supposed to be over.
               “Attention, citizens of America,” Governor Conelle began speaking. “Many of you know my name, I am Misty Conelle, Governor of California but I am not speaking to you about any issues related to California. No, I am here to talk about a much bigger and more important topic.”
               Noelle was intrigued, something like this was very out of the ordinary.
“Many of those living in, around or near the capital are unaware of the horrors coming from the very places they live, but I will not let the country I care about so much continue on like this, living this lie. I am saying it outright: President Howard Emmerson is a tyrant!”
               Noelle let out a slight gasp, no one ever spoke of the President like that.
“He only cares for the rich and those close to him, and we are sick of it! I have spoken to many of the other Governors past the Texas borders and all of them have agreed with him. So, with me as their leader the states North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and West Texas will be seceding from the Federation of America. I understand that President Emmerson will not let us do this, so…I, Misty Conelle, Governor of California and of the Western United States declare war on President Emmerson and his Eastern states!”
The End of Peace -Chapter One-
The first chapter of one of my original stories, and one I am actually more happy with. I love the characters and everything, so here is the first chapter. This is a Dystopian story that takes place in 2099 America, and after over fifty years of peace is ruined when the Governor of California secedes from the rest of the country and declares war. There are four main characters who get points of views, Noelle is one of them the others will be introduced in the next chapters as well as following Noelle.
Hope you all like.

The title is pending and I am open to suggestions.
Also, I am an aspiring writing any and all criticism is welcome (unless it's just "u suck bro" or something along those lines) I really want to improve my writing.

Major Characters Introduced in this chapter
Noelle Morrow (pronounce More-o)
The End of Peace and it's characters belong to me, do not use without permission
The Book Thief belongs to Markus Zusak

Quick note: if you have not read The Book Thief I highly suggest it!
One: My computer is broken so I won't be active for a long time, so
Two: Dealing with a lot of personal bullcrap so I don't want to be on here
Three: I'm sick of dA anyway so


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